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Latest Department News

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Colloquium by Complex Analyst

Mar 02, 2016

  On Tuesday, February 23, Dr. Stacey Muir gave a colloquium talk titled Connecting Minimal Surfaces and Planar Harmonic Mappings. In the talk, Dr. Muir discussed how soap films naturally form minimal surfaces, and she did a few demonstrations with soap solution and various wire frames.    

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Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Feb 03, 2016

Every year, COMAP (the Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications) hosts a four day long international modeling competition where teams of students choose one problem and spend an extended weekend trying to find a solution to this problem. This year, three teams from Moravian college entered the competition, which ran Jan. 28 – Feb. 1. 

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Whiteboard Wall

Jan 15, 2016

Students returned for the Spring semester to find a brand new whiteboard wall in the computer science lab.  Two years in planning, the whiteboard surface covers one entire wall of the lab – nearly 60 feet of writable area.  We look forward to seeing lots of linked lists, graphs, UML diagrams and random doodles!

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Students travel to EPaDel Meeting

Nov 16, 2015

On Nov. 14, 2016, several students and Dr. Shannon Talbott traveled to Doylestown, PA for the EPaDel (Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware) fall section meeting of the Mathematical Association of America. 

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Career and Networking Night

Nov 16, 2015

On November 15 alumni and current students gathered to reminisce, network, and talk about strategies for obtaining jobs.  This is an annual event for the computer science program, but this year offered a new format.  Modeled after a speed-dating session, alumni from various companies each had a table, and then students rotated around to each table … Read More >

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LVAIC Institutions

Students enter LVAIC Math Competition

Nov 10, 2015

On November 8, five students went to Lafayette College to participate in the LVAIC math competition. There were seventeen local teams of students participating, and Moravian College had two teams of students that included first year students through juniors.

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Speaker Selected for the 30th Annual Student Mathematics Conference

Oct 19, 2015

The invited address for the 30th annual Student Mathematics Conference will be Betty Mayfield, Professor of Mathematics at Hood College. You can find the abstract for the invited address here. This year’s conference is scheduled for February 27, 2016.

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New Furniture for the CS lab

Aug 12, 2015

The CS lab has gone mobile – well, on wheels, at least.  In an effort to encourage more collaboration between students, the lab now contains 12 tables on wheels which can easily be moved into various configurations.   


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